This is what we are all about:
Our Tours are designed to provide you with the best possible experience while visiting the Austrian Alps.
The Bike Tour around the Mondsee lake and our Hike Tour up the Eagle’s Nest are perfect if you are thinking about adventurous things to do in Salzburg. The guided tours are made to offer an incredible day in nature away from the masses, filled with different activities that will make your experience completely unique.
The bike tour close to Salzburg combines relaxing and cycling in a perfect balance by visiting locations so beautiful they where used for the famous movie of the Trapp family. Ride incredible bike paths around the lake and go for a swim.
The Eagle’s Nest hike tour is perfect for explores who want to venture into the mountains of the Alps and love hiking while at the same time rediscovering the secrets of WWII that the mountains hide.
Our philosophy doing tours is simple, to provide you with an adventure worth to be a memory of a lifetime by taking you to incredible places and showing you around like a friend would. To ensure this our tours are kept small with a maximum 12 people accompanied by an expert guide. That provides a top guided tour.
Our tours are available daily. Booking is fast, simple and for free but required to take part. Private tours are as well possible starting at 200 Euros for couples and then extra 60 Euros pro extra person.
Tours are taken under your own responsibility

Mondsee Lake Bike Tour

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