The Mondsee Lake Bike Tour

Why this Bike Tour in Salzburg?

First and foremost the Salzburg bike tour to the lake is for everybody. Mix relaxing on beautiful beaches, discovering a waterfall in the woods and riding an easy going bike tour accompanied by an awesome tour guide around a lake.
The bike tour is a great alternative if you are looking for a short half day trip in Salzburg.
Anybody that loves to ride bikes can take part, no need to be super fit.
The lake bike tour offers the possibility to go outdoors and enjoy one of the most picturesque lakes in Austria, the famous Mondsee lake, located just 40 minutes away from the center of Salzburg it is a treasure known by the locals and it makes it a perfect spot for a bike tour in the outdoors and easy to reach by bus. The famous lake district, offers the possibility to explore this region like never before. By bike riding you get to experience the freedom that the landscapes and fresh air of the Alps offer. You can get closer to all the locations we visit, including locations where the famous film of the Von Trapps was shot.
The bicycle tour allows you to discover the area in a complete different manner than just sitting on a bus. You will fall in love with the amazing Austrian scenery and the legends of the place.
The bike tour starts at 9:20 from Monday to Friday and at 10:20 on Sundays and Holidays.

The Itinerary The beginning of the bike tour adventure starts off from our meeting point at the central train station at 9:20, there we will ride to Mondsee on public transport.
Once in Mondsee shortly after 10:00, we will grab our bikes and after getting them custom fit to you we will gather some snacks and food for our picnic and get ready to start our bike tour around the lake.
The ride starts at the charming town of Mondsee where we will visit the main church made popular by the film inspired in the Von Trapp family.
After exploring the town we start to bike around the lake at 11:00. The bike tour passes by beautiful beaches of clear turquoise water, perfect for swimming.
The biking continues until lunch where we will sit for a picnic (there is the possibility to have a small BBQ) around 13:00.
After lunch and spending a relaxing time we head towards our short hike to discover a hidden waterfall in the woods at 2:00.
After this we have a great ride back to the town of Mondsee full of amazing sceneries. Back in Mondsee you can take part on the extra activities such as sailing and paddleboarding( both optional). A great mixture of a relaxing day with exciting activities, that is how we make an awesome bike tour. The bike tour starts at 9:20 and ends around 15:30


This Bike Tour service includes all you need for a day of fun:

  • The transport to the lake and back by bus
  • Bicycles included for the Tour, helmets if requested
  • Various spots to go for a swim (don’t forget swimming gear and sunscreen)
  • Picnic stop
  • Hike to a hidden waterfall
  • Extra activities include sailing and paddle surfing (optional)
  • Six hours with an expert guide to show you around

You will need for the bike tour:

  • Swimming gear
  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Camera for the views
  • Excitement to spend an awesome day in nature

The price of the tour is 65 euros for adults, 60 euros for teenagers and 55 euros for kids. Please pay at the end of the tour with cash. Feel free to contact us if you have any question.
The tour can be customized to your wishes if you prefer a private tour.

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