The truth of the matter is this: Most people that visit Salzburg are blown away not only by the beauty of the city with its fortress and churches but as well by the scenery around. The problem is that they hardly visit it and miss a great chance for adventure and living a full experience. There are other tour operators, most are large scale companies taking large groups around the city on buses and mountains, but don’t let the people interact with the surroundings. The idea of my small company is not to strap you on to a bus but rather take you out to the fresh air of the Alps and involve all your senses. I began this company because there were no other offering day trips to bike around the beautiful lakes in Salzburg or to hike to the famous Eagle’s Nest where tons of WWII treasures remain hidden from the masses of people visiting. I couldn’t believe it! Partly because much of the people visiting Salzburg pass on something so special because of the already made packages from big companies. I like to offer something more old-school, namely quality before quantity and personal treat against keeping guests as a statistic. I have all what it takes to provide awesome tours and experiences. I have worked for over 8 years as a bike tour guide in Salzburg, guiding people from all over the world, gaining every year more experience in the art of guiding. Before I guided tours in the Andean mountains and have been passionate about the outdoors for my entire life. Experience I have it. I might have cycle around the world at least once by now 🙂 But the most important reason for starting was because of people. Working many years guiding tours around the world people have inspired me in so many ways, with all the stories they have shared and opening my mind to the great variety that life has. Each tour is a unique learning experience, where you share, reflect and enjoy life at the same time. Some of my guests inspired me to move forward and start my own tour company. I did it. Now I want to give back what people have offered me. To provide the space to feel free in nature, have a positive experience and a true adventure. Have you ever dreamed of being a explorer going into the beautiful mountains of the Alps in search of WWII locations? or spend a day biking around a beautiful Austrian lake surrounded by imposing mountains, with no hassle, relaxing and going for a swim in calm waters? Then these tours are for you! There is nothing more fulfilling than to live your life to the fullest engaging all your senses with enriching experiences. Our company’s philosophy is simple, give you the best personal treatment and give you something that you will keep forever. An amazing experience!
Our Tours are open from May to October.Booking is fast, easy just need your name, date and number of people and you are good to go. No strings attached and 100% money back guarantee. Limited spots.

Managing Director & Guide